Services & Rates

All of the Pup Pack services are to stimulate your pup in a safe way while they adventure the Central Coast with me! Or get them some love and attention at home!

After consulting, we can begin any of the following services along with custom services. Cost decreases with frequency since pups do best with consistency. You will be given a client login to easily book services online or via your smartphone. Also, receive a report about how your pup did on their adventure! ALL pups start with a solo walk(s) before integrating into a pack.


Pup Pack Hour hike - $26-31

Your pup will be picked up at home, or set pick up location. They will join me for a crate free car ride, picking up a pup pal or two on our way to the day's hike destination. We will hike for at least one hour, practicing trail manners and more through positive reinforcement. Finishing up with a water break before settling back into the car for drop offs. All included.

Relaxed pup walk / Check in - $25

If your pup isn't up for an hour long hike with their pup pals, I offer a 30 min walk around the neighborhood or nearby trail! This can also be a check in with some love and potty relief for pups that need to, or just prefer to, lounge at home. 

Day Care with pup pack - $46-50

Your pup will join me for the day which entails at least two pup pack hour long hikes! If their energy levels allow it! Your dog will be picked up between 9:30-10 am for the morning walk/hike. Hang out with me for a rejuvenation break also my lunch break before heading out for an afternoon hike or play time! Crate free all day! Drop off is after 4 pm unless scheduled otherwise! 

overnight adventure - $67

Your pup will remain under my care beyond the daily Pup Pack excursions - slumberPAWty! Treating your pup as my own furry family member overnight, crate free, while you are away! This entails at least two hour long hikes daily with a lot of love and care! In order to request overnight services in my home, pup must be on a Pup Pack service once per week minimum. The one service per week ensures you and myself that your pup will be well acclimated to outdoor adventures and being under my care while you are away!